October Storm Of Events

With a day job, I try to aim for two featured readings/appearances per month, so let’s say 24 per year. Sometimes I exceed it sometimes I fall short of it. I had a few gigs up unti July, and then I had one in August after I got back from Italy. September there was a lull, and now here we on October the 1st, and wow man did I get busy.

The fun starts this weekend with not one but two gigs. Friday October 2nd, 2015 – Dane Swan a.k.a. Dane Jah Ras, has generously invited me to be a part of his event tomorrow night Like Water –  Friday October 2nd, 2015 at the May Cafe 876 Dundas St. W at 7.30pm. Some really cool other names will be reading and sharing their words as well such as Dane Jah Ras, Tomy Bewick and Soulfistikato.

Then Sunday the fun continues as I will be reading and performing my poetry and spoken word as part of Bacchanalia, an event put on by Michelle Alfano taking place at the Black Swan 154 Danforth Ave from 2-5PM. Other cool people that will be sharing the stage include names like Domenico Capilongo, Rocco De Giacomo, Trevor Abes, and Toronto’s Poet Laureate George Elliot Clarke.

If you can come on out to any of these it would be awesome to see your beautiful faces this weekend.

If not check out the “Appearances” portion of my page here as there is lots of good stuff still to come:


Hope to run into you soon!



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