Bruce’s Pictures Tell A Thousand Words & Lady Crawford’s Poetry Is Exquisitely Regal

On Tuesday January 10, 2017 it was a cold wet mess of a January night, it was my first HOWL show of the year, and it was my two year anniversary as co-host and co-producer of HOWL on CIUT 89.5FM. I got to spend it in fine style with two writers, promoting two wonderful projects:

Bruce Meyer – “Portraits Of Canadian Writers” (Porcupine’s Quill)

I came across Bruce Meyer’s new book “Portraits Of Canadian Writers” on a twitter feed from following the publisher Porcupine’s Quill and immediately sent Bruce a message letting him know that I wanted him on the show. He sent me a review copy which I enjoyed during some down time over the holidays. What a very cool book. Bruce was as meticulous in his literary portrait of the writer he photographed as he was with the actual one. Before the show started I learned from Bruce that this has recently made the National Post’s Best Seller list. When he was on the air he touched on the challenge of capturing the image of the known writer with the one in the photograph. Bruce also talked about some of the stories contained in the book on air, and I can tell you that each and every one of the stories contained in the book is a done with a very loving touch, and provides an interesting reference for any one looking for inspiration on this writing journey that they are on. It was a true honour to have Bruce on the show, HOWL CIUT 89.5FM thanks him for making us his first radio interview.

To get your copy of “Portraits Of Canadian Writers” from the publsher use the below link:


Julie Cameron Gray – “Lady Crawford” (Palimpsest Press)

The first time ever that I met Julie Cameron Gray was at little poetry series that I used to run in the east end called Cryptic Chatter on the Danforth in Toronto’s east end. She read on the open mic, and I used to raz the audience once in a while, and remember that I went a bit far with her on the mic. I apologized for this on the air. I did run into Julie many years later at the Free Times Cafe as we were both featured poets for the Art Bar Poetry series December 2016. She read from her new poetry book “Lady Crawford” and I instantly asked her to be on the show. Julie read three of the poems in her book, and we talked about who exactly this Lady Crawford person was, the romanticism and mythology associated with writing while drunk, and the consistency of the book tributing these various women throughout the collection. Julie was extremely pleasant to interview, and I was on my best behaviour this time. Her book is full of extremely rich lexicon, that isn’t afraid to let loose from time to time.

To get your copy of “Lady Crawford” from the publisher use the below link:

To listen/download our last show simply use the below link that will take you to the HOWL CIUT 89.5FM page, scroll to the bottom, and for the next week you have the option of streaming the show from the player or downloading a copy to keep forever. Your listenership and support is greatly appreciated.


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