Denise Donlon Shows Just How Fearless She Is & Bob Duff Sums Up His Maple Leaf Moments

I had two phone interviews last night and I guess I get kind of jittery when it comes to interviews by phone. When the guest is in studio I feel that there is more of an intimacy and a better give and go in conversation, but also there’s little chance of a cell phone line petering out, or some other technological happen stance, but then again, anything is possible and in the case of last night, two successful phone interviews.



Denise Donlon – “Fearless As Possible (Under The Circumstances) (House Of Anansi Press)

Ok, so let me preface this by saying that when I received an e-mail release asking if I wanted to interview Denise Donlon I responded with jeopardy-lightning-fast reflexes. My high school years were spent largely in front of the television and the programming on CITY TV and Much Music was always on and I was definitely a fan of what she did back in those days. Having read her book, my respect for has just increased that much more. Her book is more than a chronological accounting of her life as a music media icon. It is basically a story of sticking to your guns, digging in, and kicking ass no matter what (the circumstances). Many moments to smile with intimate and affable celebrity stories, as well as smile sometimes with tears when it talks of her social justice work, and overcoming some of the craziest hurdles with changes in the music business. I enjoyed my conversation with Denise immensely. She talked about innovation and traditionalism when it comes to how we listen to music, impostor syndrome, and spirit guides. Was such a pleasure to talk to her.

To purchase Denise Donlon’s book directly from the publisher House Of Anansi Press, please click the below link:

Fearless as Possible (Under the Circumstances)

Bob Duff – “Maple Leaf Moments” (Biblioasis)

I’ve always been interested in hockey stories and the really cool thing about Bob Duff’s book is that it has some of the most intricate stories about the Leafs that I had not heard of. There are certainly familiar references, but I had no idea there was a player for the Leafs that was a doctor moonlighting as a professional hockey player? Talk about multi-tasking. Bob was really cool, he called in and he had answers for just about anything I threw his way, this included anything from how he narrowed it down 100 stories, to how some players got their nicknames, to his current opinion of the game today and if the Leafs will actually stand a chance of breaking the curse of their Stanley Cup drought. It was a true pleasure to speak with this hockey writer and historian.

To purchase Bob Duff’s book directly from the publisher Biblioasis, please click the below link

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