A Filmmaker, A Satirist, And A Blogger, Walk Into A Radio Show

I decided to go outside of my comfort zone a little bit with last night’s HOWL show. I usually love having authors and poets on the show but I decided to change it up a little last night. Initially I invited Katherine Taylor from “One Gal’s Toronto” and Carmello Jackson from “Humans Of The 6.” It was shaping up to be a Toronto centric show, but then I came across filmmaker Ann Marie Fleming’s film “Window Horses” and that rounded out the set.

Ann Marie Fleming – Filmmaker “Window Horses” (Mongrel Media)

I was catching up on my movies before the Oscars and during one of the preshows I saw a profile on the movie “Window Horses.” I saw it was about a poet named Rosie Ming that was invited to do a poetry reading in Iran. I fell over myself to get in touch with anyone associated with the project via twitter. Surprisingly I was put in touch with the writer/director herself Ann Marie Fleming, and she was an absolute pleasure to talk to. Her film has so much depth an inspiration, both lyrically and visually stunning. It really is a wonderful journey through language, and self discovery. Window Horses stars Sandra Oh, Ellen Page, Don Mckellar and Taylor Mali. It opens in theatres this Friday March 10, 2017. Get out and see it.

To read a synopsis and watch the trailer for the movie “Window Horses” please click the below link:



Carmello Jackson – Social Media Empresario/Employee – Humans Of The 6

Carmello Jackson’s interview was unlike anything that I have ever encountered before. Many would consider it boisterous, others would say it was passionate. He did not allow for an in studio photo, but was more than happy to share with us about the purpose, stories, meaning, and day to day operations at Humans Of The 6. The discussion was to say the least lively. He does take what he does very seriously, he caught our attention with his famous instagram account, and may very well catch yours too.

Katherine Taylor – Blogger – One Gal’s Toronto



Funny story. For years Katherine Taylor and I rode the 501 Streetcar to the exact same building where we work, though we work for two different companies. It wasn’t until someone shared one of Katherine’s blog entries on social media, and I saw Katherine’s picture that I made the connection, and thus became a rather huge fan of her blog. Katherine has an immense wealth of knowledge when it comes to the city of Toronto. Like me she was born and raised in Toronto, and is a proud Torontonian but completely one ups me with her vast knowledge and stories of neighbourhoods and businesses that people like you and I pass by all the time. It was a real pleasure talking to Katherine about her writing process regarding selection, research, and frequency. For anyone that is a fan of Toronto, and a history buff, please by all means start following her blog.

To listen/download a copy of last night’s HOWL show on CIUT 89.5FM please click the below link and scroll to the bottom. For the next week you have the option of streaming the show from the player, or downloading a copy of the show to keep forever. Your listenership and support is greatly appreciated.



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