Hosting This Show Was A Pleasant Fiction And Fantasy


When I found out that my old college friend and roommate Nicholas Eames was publishing his first fantasy novel, I absolutely had to have him on my show, because I know the journey for him to arrive has been a lengthy one and I was so happy for him.  When he agreed to the date, it was only a matter of finding an author that would compliment the hour with him.  I knew that Nick looked up to Guy Gavriel Kay, and I also knew that Mr. Kay lived in Toronto.  When I visited GGK’s site, and saw that his novel “Children Of Earth And Sky” was coming out in paperback on the same day as the show, I couldn’t help but take a shot at inviting him on.  I sent him a tweet, he agreed, and then got in touch with his publicist, I got to promote to authors, who I heavily admire, and make one person’s dream come true.

Guy Gavriel Kay – “Children Of Earth And Sky” (Penguin Random House)

Having Mr.Kay in the CIUT 89.5FM studios was truly a treat.  Even before the show started just talking with him I could tell that this was going to be a great interview.  Guy Gavriel Kay is such a wonderful person, with stories, about people, and stories, about stories.  His book “Children Of The Earth And Sky” is such a rich tale of love, deception, and power, told through the his unbelievably poetic narrative which is always a joy to read, and in addition to a decadent melodrama, the story, does throw you more than a few curves.  Mr. Kay imparted such charismatic wisdom in every question that was asked.  He talked about his writing process, and where he delves to get the ideas of religion and mythology in his stories, he talked about editing, and how when one writes a novel, you not only need momentum, but you need stamina too.  Nick and I hung on his every word in the studio, we could have heard him talk for another hour, but Nick was waiting patiently.  Guy Gavriel Kay was truly one of my favourite interviews, and when I expressed that I would love him to come back, he told me to keep in touch.

To purchase Guy Gavriel Kay’s book from the publisher please go here:




Nicholas Eames – “Kings Of The Wyld” (Orbit Books)

For Nick’s interview we both agreed that we had to behave, after all we were on FM radio to promote his first fantasy novel, but of course throughout his interview, we did manage to insert a little reminiscing.  I was absolutely ecstatic when Nick had announced that he was coming out with his first fantasy novel and wanted to do everything I could to help promote it and show support.  If you dig fantasy, and rock and roll “Kings Of The Wyld” is the book for you.  Nick does something brilliant right from the outset of this story, he parallels a rock band, with a band of crusaders, and for those of you that know Nick like me, this is a fantasy story that doesn’t take itself too seriously, Nick’s brand of humour is all over this one, and music historians, will completely dig the myriad of references in this story.  Nick’s characters are all charismatically defined, hard to pick a favourite even among the villains.  The fact that this a first book in a series, will make you beyond anxious to read what else is on the horizon.  Nick shared how his journey started out, how he got the idea to meld fantasy and rock and roll together, and how he got himself an agent that brought this story to fruition.  Nick and I went for a drink afterwards, and I told him that before these stories are optioned for movies and series, and he becomes super famous, that I’d like to get him into the studio at least one more time.  Nick colourfully said “even afterwards.”  I’ll hold you to it Nick and congratulations!

To buy Nicholas Eames book go here:


NickEames (1)


For those of you that would like to listen to last night’s show, please click the below link and scroll to the bottom of the page.  For the next week you have the option to stream the show from the player or download a copy to keep forever.  Your listenership and support is greatly appreciated.



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