Words Both Sung & Spoken On Last Night’s HOWL

Last night’s show welcomed a veteran of the Toronto poetry and spoken word community that is always coming up with new and exciting things to advance both his career, and the landscape of our scene, as well as three young and talented women that are so beyond naturally talented that they collectively emanate the most wondrously warm, beautiful, rhythmic sounds creating both a comfortable and inspiring atmosphere.

Dwayne Morgan

Dwayne Morgan rolled into the CIUT 89.5FM studios sporting a TFC jersey, I gently reminded him that the last time he wore a soccer jersey it was a team Spain jersey and it was on the day that Spain bounced Italy from the World Cup. Dwayne contributed to our audio programming as we started off the night by a track called “If I Were A Planet” by Black Katt whom Dwayne stated was the first spoken word artist to have a video on Much Music and who Dwayne holds in high regard as a mentor. Throughout the segment we talked about balancing creativity with the management of events, and educating youth. We talked about marketing, and how Dwayne has always been known to not be shy, never selling himself short, and always coming up with new ways to promote himself, most recently the launch of his own app. We also talked about how he always tries to respect both the art and the artist when it comes to poetry as he wants the events to be different from what is regularly going on. Dwayne also performed a powerful piece on the air. This is the second time this year that Dwayne has been on HOWL, and I have told him to keep me updated on what he has coming up in the near future so we can welcome him back once again.

To find out what Dwayne Morgan has going on and coming up be sure to visit


The O’Pears

One night while driving in the car my lovely Angela played some music from this wonderful neo-folk group and I was instantly a fan. The group composed of Meg Contini, Lydia Persaud, and Jill Harris came into the CIUT 89.5FM studios last night, and are such a fun, charismatic, and soulful group of women that plain to see are on their way up. Their album “Like Those Nights” released in September 2016 is a summer afternoon on a porch with a warm setting sun and a gentle breeze. Their songs have a mixture of a gentle poetic lull, and an introspective hypnotism, all magnified and accentuated with the collective powerful instrumentation of their vocals and harmonics which come to them as second nature given the familial relationship that they have had. We talked about how they found each other and found their sound, how they came up with their name, what it’s like to keep a group like this together, what they’re up to over the summer, and what is in store for us in the near future.

To listen/buy The O’Pears music, and find out where they will be appearing, please visit their website:



For those of you that would like to listen to last night’s show, please click the below link and scroll to the bottom of the page. For the next week you have the option to stream the show from the player or download a copy to keep forever. Your listenership and support is greatly appreciated.



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