Last Night’s HOWL: For One Home Was Elsewhere, For Another Home Is Scarborough


A beautiful July summer evening at Hart House last night for HOWL on CIUT 89.5FM, and along with that beauty went the opportunity to talk to two authors on their new spectacular works. In studio with me last night was Stanley Fefferman bringing his loaded insightfulness, charisma, and perspective to talk about his first collection of poems “Home Was Elsewhere” (Quattro Books). Also with me on the show last night calling in was the energetic, and awesome Catherine Hernandez whose novel “Scarborough” (Arsenal Pulp Press) has so much buzz surronding it, little electric fireworks are going off for everyone who is reading it.


Stanley Fefferman – “Home Was Elsewhere” (Quattro Books)

Stanley arrived to the CIUT 89.5FM studios last night punctual, well more than punctual, early, and he had no problem killing time before going on air talking about everything and anything, but our off air conversation was careful not to tread on the book as we didn’t want to be scrambling. With Stanley that’s an impossibility, every time I have talked to him I always feel richer for the conversation I have, and that richness was exposed and then some in his book “Home Was Elsewhere.” The cover fiercly adorned with a Harris Hawk a photo taken by Fefferman himself did indeed give a glimpse into the tone and flight his three sectioned work takes. His poems are go from small sweet somethings, to delectable philosophical dialogues all of which are intricate and eloquent summations, and equations. covered the paradox of heartbreak in poetry and it’s use as a romantic tool, we talked about the importance of mentorship, and having a guru, as well Stanley shared four poems on the air with me last night, leaving me with the wish as always that I wish I had another half hour to talk to him.

To buy Stanley Fefferman’s book “Home Was Elsewhere” directly from the publisher please follow this link.



Catherine Hernandez – “Scarborough” (Arsenal Pulp Press)

The hook for me while navigating the twittersphere was seeing the cover of Catherine’s book coming up anywhere and everywhere. When I read a brief synopsis of the book, I knew two things that I wanted to read it, and that I wanted to talk to Catherine about it. I took a shot and sent her a tweet, followed by an e-mail and she enthusiastically agreed to be on. Catherine called us last night after we played her very charismatic and animated reading of a particular scene from her book. Catherine’s background is predominantly in the theater, but for her first novel she knocked the drama out of the park. Scarborough is written with care, compassion, knowledge, and pride of one’s own roots and neighbourhood. The book is both a love letter to a neighbourhood under an unfortunate perception and a lament for the identity of that neighbourhood that is quickly changing. I talked to Catherine about the challenge of writing a novel being predominantly a playwright, why she chose the voice of children and youth as the vehicle to guide her narrative, and the importance of Scarborough and why she wanted to capture it as brilliantly as she did. This book is for anyone from Toronto that wants a good local story, but more importantly anyone that wants to read something coming from an honest place, and in the mood to have their heart strings tugged. This one is for you.

To buy Catherine Hernandez’s book “Scarborough” directly from the publisher please follow this link:


For those of you that would like to listen to last night’s show, please click the below link and scroll to the bottom of the page. For the next week you have the option to stream the show from the player or download a copy to keep forever. Your listenership and support is greatly appreciated.


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